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This past weekend was super exciting for Batman/Dark Knight fans, one of the first ever Batmobiles’ went up for auction. The original Batmobile from 1966 was sold for a super hero sized $4.2 million (that is more than you could win in the Dark Knight Slot Game).  This particular Batmobile car is based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, created by Ford and costed a serious amount to make. In 1966 car customiser George Barris bought the Lincoln (for $1) and turned it into the Batmobile we all know and love today.

The original Batmobile is powered by a Ford V8 engine similar to the engine used in the Ford GT40. The lucky buyer of the car was Rick Champagne and he know owns a true peice of Batman history. He as not yet revealed his plans as to what he will do with the Batmobile but we hope he will make sure the car is still avaliable for the public to view…

If you are keen to get your Batman collection started but need the capital then play The Dark Knight Slot game now, remeber their is a bonus of over a million up for grabs (in fact last time we checked it was close on $2 million) so get spinning.

What is the most you would spend on a bit of Batman / Dark Knight history?





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