Dark Knight Rises Slot game

Time is flying by we can’t believe how much has happened, it has been about a year since the Dark Knight Slot game hit our casino screens and the Dark Knight Rises movie was released on the big screen. In the past year Microgaming has been super busy securing the rights from Warner Brothers and DC Comics so they can start work on a new Dark Knight Rises slot game, GREAT NEWS! Game posters and images have been released and the game is expected to be launched at the end of August at all Microgaming casinos. There are some major differences between the Dark Knight Rises slot game and the original Dark Knight Slot the main one being it will not be a progressive slot game, but players can win up to 1,780,000 coins thanks to some amazing new bonus features.

We will be releasing more news on the Dark Knight Rises slot game as we get it so stay tuned for all the details. We did receive a data sheet revealing some of the new bonus features like Split Wilds, a Symbol Scramble and a Free Spins Accumulator as well as a choose your own free spins feature, all the details are outlined on the image below. One thing is for certain we are just as excited for this game as we were the last; it looks like it will be a high quality top class slot game. So hurry up August we want to play the Dark Knight Rises slot game now. UPDATE!!! we have more info on the Dark Knight Rises Slot game check out our post; Dark Knight Rises Slot

Dark Knight Rises Slot game

Dark Knight Slot Game Winners...

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Dark Knight Slot

August has been a very busy month for the Dark Knight Slot, not only is it one of the most played slot games of the year (and it was released last month) it has had three BIG progressive winners. As mentioned the Dark Knight game has four progressive bonuses up for grabs with the highest progressive starting at one million.

Fear not loyal players as the Mega Jackpot in the Dark Knight Slot game was not won and is still growing sitting way above a million. The four progressive jackpots in the Dark Knight game each start at a different total:

Mega Progressive – Wins start from 1 000 000.00

Major Progressive – Wins start from 10 000.00

Minor Progressive – Wins start from 100.00

Mini Progressive – Wins start from 10.00

Dark Knight Slot


Dark Knight Winners

Two of the three winners have been from Royal Vegas Casino one of our recommended casinos to play The Dark Knight Slot at. Player one managed to earn a big win of AUS$ 22,895.78 and Player two won an impressive €32,823.79. These are both huge wins that must have made the Dark Knight Slot game their favorite game to play. The Third winner won AUS $39,704.23 at Vegas Palms this is a massive win and congratulations to all winners of the progressive Jackpots in the Dark Knight Slot Game.

Big wins in the Dark Knight Slot

The progressive jackpots are not the only way to win big in the Dark Knight Slot game, players can earn an extra 4,000,000 coins in the free spins bonus. The free spins bonus has such a massive jackpot due to the fifteen free spins and growing multiplier, the sky is the limit with this spin bonus.

Thanks to the extra Dark Knight Joker character Feature the Dark Knight Slot is able to reward players with even more wins. These characters can appear on the screen at any time and reward players with random bonuses.

Dark Knight Slot

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, action, entertainment and bonus wins sign up and play the Dark Knight Slot Now.


Dark Knight Slot...

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This is an exciting month indeed we have received confirmation that the Dark Knight Slot game will launch late June. The game will be available at all online casinos that support Microgaming so make sure you have an account with Royal Vegas, Platinum Play or 7Sultans as they will all be releasing the Dark Knight slot. There has been so much hype about that game that not many people know the real details but luckily for you we got our hands on an official press release and can confirm there are some thrilling features that will make this game a great success.


Dark Knight Slot


The Dark Knight Slot game will have cinematic spins, an excellent feature that made the Lord of The Rings slot game such a success. Cinematic spins is a feature that shows short scenes from the movie in-between spins. The Dark Knight was such an action packed movie so showing clips from it is bound to get players hungry for action and excitement. Cinematic Spins enhance the theme in a slot game so players will be able to see all their favourite Dark Knight characters and feel transported to the streets of Gotham for a real adventure.

Another heart pumping feature that Microgaming has confirmed is that the game will have a progressive jackpot bonus. In actual fact the Dark Knight Slot game will have four progressive bonuses that players will get to play for. The progressive jackpot bonus is randomly triggered and players will be transported to a screen with a lucky wheel. The main jackpot will start growing at one million and each tier below will be less but worth winning.


Dark Knight Slot Game


We have also been told that the Dark Knight Slot game will have a random prize generator so players can suddenly win during their spins. There will also be extra bonuses such as wilds and scatters we are sure but this has not been confirmed. As soon as we hear more details regarding this action packed game we will be sure to update you so make sure you keep coming back for more details on The Dark Knight Slot.

Make sure you watch our Dark Knight Slot video before playing the game…there may be some helpful tips and hints.

Dark Knight Slot Video...

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Watch the new Dark Knight slot video here, all the details you need to know about The Dark Knight Slot features, progressive jackpot bonus, character bonuses and more.