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The Dark Knight Rises Slot game is the latest release from Microgaming in the Dark Knight series of slot games. The new video slot is set to launch at the end of August and players at Microgaming casinos will enjoy this game, if you are not registered at one of these casinos then sign up now so you can enjoy this game. The Dark Knight Rises slot differs from the original Dark Knight slot that was released about a year ago, the main change is that the Dark Knight Rises will not be a progressive slot game. However that does not mean that players will not be able to win big in this new game.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

Dark Knight Rises Bonus Features

The Dark Knight Rises is an Australian styled video slot with 5 reels and 243 ways to win, the characters in this slot game are characters from the Dark Knight Rises movie so expect to see Bane, the Dark Knight, Officer John Blake, Commissioner Gordon, Selina Kyle and more.

This video slot is packed with bonus features but players will be most excited to hear about the three new bonus features. There is a free spins accumulator, this bonus feature will trigger randomly during the base game, Bane and Batman will start fighting on the screen during this fight players will be rewarded with multipliers and free spins. The second new bonus feature is a symbol scramble; this gives players an extra chance to win on any random non-winning spin, all the symbols on the screen will scramble to create the best winning combination possible. Then there are split wilds, this is an excellent bonus feature as it will help to create more winning combinations and can result in players get a 6 of a kind win.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

When players unlock the free spins bonus they will also be able to choose their feature from the amount of spins to bonuses. Players can choose between Bane and the Dark Knight each with different benefits. Bane will reward players with min 10 Free Spins, a multiplier, rolling reels and super stacked wilds, the Dark Knight will give players min 10 Free Spins, a multiplier, extra wild blast and heat seeking wilds. The amount of free spins and the multiplier will depend on the accumulator bonus feature.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

Dark Knight Rises details

This is going to be one thrilling slot game with all of those incredible bonus features on offer. If you are excited to play this new online slot then keep checking back for more details as all we know at the moment is that the game will be live at the end of August.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

Batmobile Sold...

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This past weekend was super exciting for Batman/Dark Knight fans, one of the first ever Batmobiles’ went up for auction. The original Batmobile from 1966 was sold for a super hero sized $4.2 million (that is more than you could win in the Dark Knight Slot Game).  This particular Batmobile car is based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, created by Ford and costed a serious amount to make. In 1966 car customiser George Barris bought the Lincoln (for $1) and turned it into the Batmobile we all know and love today.

The original Batmobile is powered by a Ford V8 engine similar to the engine used in the Ford GT40. The lucky buyer of the car was Rick Champagne and he know owns a true peice of Batman history. He as not yet revealed his plans as to what he will do with the Batmobile but we hope he will make sure the car is still avaliable for the public to view…

If you are keen to get your Batman collection started but need the capital then play The Dark Knight Slot game now, remeber their is a bonus of over a million up for grabs (in fact last time we checked it was close on $2 million) so get spinning.

What is the most you would spend on a bit of Batman / Dark Knight history?





Dark Knight Vehicles...

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We managed to find this awesome poster that illustrates all the modes of transport used in the Dark Knight films directed by Chrsitopher Nolan. Which was your favourite vehicle?

Dark Knight Vehicles

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This is online slot gaming at its best! The much anticipated The Dark Knight™ video slot has millions of slot enthusiasts from across the globe playing, again, and again. The Dark Knight is popular for a number of reasons: it takes the hugely popular Warner Bros. Pictures film with its dark, mysterious and massively entertaining characters; combines them with slick gaming and substantial jackpots, throws in a few exciting new features and delivers it to players straight to their computers.

The-Dark-Knight-Main-Review Players around the world have expressed their passion for this game and his climbed to the top of the most played games list and doesnt seem to be faultering any time soon.

The Dark Knight is a 5-reel, 243-Way video slot with a Wild symbol that is stacked on the reels, so that players have even better chances of hitting those winning combinations. The game takes two of the box office’s most popular characters, Batman and the Joker, who award players with Free Spins or an increased multiplier. When they appear on screen, other characters making an appearance in the game include Harvey Dent, Lt Gordon, Rachel, the Mayor and Maroni.

Included in the game is a four-tiered progressive jackpot. The jackpots can be triggered randomly and start at 10 coins. Wins start at 1,000,000 on the Mega progressive feature so the more players bet the more chances they have of winning the big jackpots. There are up to 4,000,000 coins to be won in this 5-reel slot game.

The Dark Knight™ is the perfect excuse to heed the Bat Call, don the Bat Cape and game for Gotham.

Dark Knight Slot...

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This is an exciting month indeed we have received confirmation that the Dark Knight Slot game will launch late June. The game will be available at all online casinos that support Microgaming so make sure you have an account with Royal Vegas, Platinum Play or 7Sultans as they will all be releasing the Dark Knight slot. There has been so much hype about that game that not many people know the real details but luckily for you we got our hands on an official press release and can confirm there are some thrilling features that will make this game a great success.


Dark Knight Slot


The Dark Knight Slot game will have cinematic spins, an excellent feature that made the Lord of The Rings slot game such a success. Cinematic spins is a feature that shows short scenes from the movie in-between spins. The Dark Knight was such an action packed movie so showing clips from it is bound to get players hungry for action and excitement. Cinematic Spins enhance the theme in a slot game so players will be able to see all their favourite Dark Knight characters and feel transported to the streets of Gotham for a real adventure.

Another heart pumping feature that Microgaming has confirmed is that the game will have a progressive jackpot bonus. In actual fact the Dark Knight Slot game will have four progressive bonuses that players will get to play for. The progressive jackpot bonus is randomly triggered and players will be transported to a screen with a lucky wheel. The main jackpot will start growing at one million and each tier below will be less but worth winning.


Dark Knight Slot Game


We have also been told that the Dark Knight Slot game will have a random prize generator so players can suddenly win during their spins. There will also be extra bonuses such as wilds and scatters we are sure but this has not been confirmed. As soon as we hear more details regarding this action packed game we will be sure to update you so make sure you keep coming back for more details on The Dark Knight Slot.

Make sure you watch our Dark Knight Slot video before playing the game…there may be some helpful tips and hints.

Dark Knight Slot Video...

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Watch the new Dark Knight slot video here, all the details you need to know about The Dark Knight Slot features, progressive jackpot bonus, character bonuses and more.

Batmans top 5 Gadgets...

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Batman is the Superhero with the most technology and gadgets at his disposal, this may have something to do with the fact that he is powerless and one of the richest men in Gotham City. How else would the Caped Crusader defeat his arch enemies without his artillery of devices and paraphernalia? Batman has five amazing gadgets that help him keep the streets of Gotham safe.

The Batsuit
Firstly the Batsuit is what makes Batman recognizable as a Superhero and keeps his identity Bruce Wayne a secret. It is his best gadget as this is what keeps him safe no matter whom he is fighting; it is flame retardant, bullet proof and practical, the earpieces on his mask enhance his hearing and he has small gauntlets on his arms to inflict pain whilst packing a punch.

The Utility Belt
Always with him the utility belt has saved Batman on numerous occasions helping him to escape and save the day. The belt contains everything needed to fight crime and more, a Batarang, Batcuffs, Batlight, communication devices, gas mask, lock picks and the list goes on.

The Batmobile
A Superhero that can’t fly needs a worthy mode of transport and the Batmobile is the top of the range when it comes to travel. Remote controlled the Batmobile can be with Batman within a number of seconds helping him in sticky situations, the car is bullet proof, loaded with weapons and can even fly when needed.

The Batcave
This may not be a gadget as such but it certainly keeps all Batman’s secrets and other gadgets safe. The Batcave houses the amazing Batcomputer and databases containing information on every villain in Gotham.

Shark repellant Bat spray
Probably one of Batman’s most infamous gadgets this has to be included, not only will this repel any shark but cause them to spontaneously combust and repair any shark bites suffered. Knowing a hero has a spray to repel sharks just in case, means this Hero is prepared for any eventuality.

Without his gadgets there would be no Batman and many of his gadgets are just as famous and well-known as he is.