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Dark Knight Rises Slot game

Time is flying by we can’t believe how much has happened, it has been about a year since the Dark Knight Slot game hit our casino screens and the Dark Knight Rises movie was released on the big screen. In the past year Microgaming has been super busy securing the rights from Warner Brothers and DC Comics so they can start work on a new Dark Knight Rises slot game, GREAT NEWS! Game posters and images have been released and the game is expected to be launched at the end of August at all Microgaming casinos. There are some major differences between the Dark Knight Rises slot game and the original Dark Knight Slot the main one being it will not be a progressive slot game, but players can win up to 1,780,000 coins thanks to some amazing new bonus features.

We will be releasing more news on the Dark Knight Rises slot game as we get it so stay tuned for all the details. We did receive a data sheet revealing some of the new bonus features like Split Wilds, a Symbol Scramble and a Free Spins Accumulator as well as a choose your own free spins feature, all the details are outlined on the image below. One thing is for certain we are just as excited for this game as we were the last; it looks like it will be a high quality top class slot game. So hurry up August we want to play the Dark Knight Rises slot game now. UPDATE!!! we have more info on the Dark Knight Rises Slot game check out our post; Dark Knight Rises Slot

Dark Knight Rises Slot game

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