Batmans top 5 Gadgets...

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Batman is the Superhero with the most technology and gadgets at his disposal, this may have something to do with the fact that he is powerless and one of the richest men in Gotham City. How else would the Caped Crusader defeat his arch enemies without his artillery of devices and paraphernalia? Batman has five amazing gadgets that help him keep the streets of Gotham safe.

The Batsuit
Firstly the Batsuit is what makes Batman recognizable as a Superhero and keeps his identity Bruce Wayne a secret. It is his best gadget as this is what keeps him safe no matter whom he is fighting; it is flame retardant, bullet proof and practical, the earpieces on his mask enhance his hearing and he has small gauntlets on his arms to inflict pain whilst packing a punch.

The Utility Belt
Always with him the utility belt has saved Batman on numerous occasions helping him to escape and save the day. The belt contains everything needed to fight crime and more, a Batarang, Batcuffs, Batlight, communication devices, gas mask, lock picks and the list goes on.

The Batmobile
A Superhero that can’t fly needs a worthy mode of transport and the Batmobile is the top of the range when it comes to travel. Remote controlled the Batmobile can be with Batman within a number of seconds helping him in sticky situations, the car is bullet proof, loaded with weapons and can even fly when needed.

The Batcave
This may not be a gadget as such but it certainly keeps all Batman’s secrets and other gadgets safe. The Batcave houses the amazing Batcomputer and databases containing information on every villain in Gotham.

Shark repellant Bat spray
Probably one of Batman’s most infamous gadgets this has to be included, not only will this repel any shark but cause them to spontaneously combust and repair any shark bites suffered. Knowing a hero has a spray to repel sharks just in case, means this Hero is prepared for any eventuality.

Without his gadgets there would be no Batman and many of his gadgets are just as famous and well-known as he is.

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